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Capacity Project’s HR Management Software Expands to Rwanda’s Districts Print E-mail

In Rwanda, implementation of the Capacity Project’s iHRIS Manage software continues to make progress.

Beginning in May, Project staff held meetings with users and Ministry of Health partners to refine expectations for the system. In response, users developed several new reports for regular use by decision-makers and planned further reports. Project staff also met with users at district hospitals to determine progress from the first phase of district roll-out. Several districts reported challenges with implementation, including a high workload and difficulty accessing the Internet.

Project staff discussed these challenges with the Ministry of Health, which provided support to hire additional data managers and purchase modems. In June, Project staff organized a training for roll-out at 19 of the 23 remaining district hospitals. As of July, all districts had online access to iHRIS Manage. New users reported enthusiasm about the system, as it allows them to identify the number of staff in each district, analyze staffing gaps and determine which staff have received additional trainings.

September 2009


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