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Capacity Project Publishes Legacy Series Print E-mail

The Capacity Project presents its key results and lessons learned through a Legacy Series of 11 publications:

  1. The Kenya Emergency Hiring Plan: Results from a Rapid Workforce Expansion Strategy
  2. Knowledge Management and Human Resources for Health: Using Quality Information to Make Better Decisions
  3. Repositioning Family Planning: Rwanda’s No-Scalpel Vasectomy Program
  4. Addressing Gender Inequality in Human Resources for Health
  5. Applying the Learning for Performance Approach
  6. The Impact of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Strengthening
  7. Strengthening Professional Associations for Health Workers
  8. Strengthening the Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Human Resources for Health Initiatives
  9. Supporting Health Worker Performance with Effective Supervision
  10. Global Partnerships: Strengthening Human Resources for Health Approaches Together
  11. Strengthening Human Resources Management: Knowledge, Skills and Leadership

Also see the full series of the Project's external publications and resources.

September 2009


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