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Voices from the Capacity Project presented a look at the impact of this global initiative to strengthen human resources for health.

It Takes a Workforce: Improving Global Health Services
September 2009 HTML PDF French

Bridging the Gaps: Improving Decentralized HIV Services in Panama
August 2009 HTML PDF French

Connecting Regions, Leading the Way: Sharing Health Worker Information in Namibia
July 2009 HTML PDF French

Building Capacity to Save Women’s Lives in Mali
June 2009 HTML PDF French

"A New Era": Health Information Resource Centers in Southern Sudan
May 2009 HTML PDF French

From Nightmare to Awakening: Performance Improvement for Health Management in Uganda
April 2009 HTML PDF French

Developing Hope in Life: Mothers' Support Groups for Living Positively in Ethiopia
March 2009 HTML PDF French

Starting with the Classroom: Updating Family Planning Knowledge in East Africa
February 2009 HTML PDF French

“What about the Health Workers?”: Improving the Work Climate at Rural Facilities in Kenya
January 2009 HTML PDF French

"I Can Now Speak Boldly": Using Quality Data for Health Workforce Planning in Uganda
December 2008 HTML PDF French

A National Impact: Local Ownership of Health Workforce Initiatives in Uganda
November 2008 HTML PDF French

Human Relations: Building Leadership in Southern Sudan’s Health Sector
October 2008 HTML PDF French

Susan’s Story: Keeping Secrets and Promoting Family Planning in Rural Kenya
September 2008 HTML PDF French

"Better Service for the Client and the Community": Strengthening HIV Training in Belize
August 2008 HTML PDF French

Drawing on Data: Effective Decision-Making for the Health Workforce
July 2008 HTML PDF French

“Yielding Very Positive Results”: Improving Decentralized HIV Services in Costa Rica
June 2008 HTML PDF French

“I Can Make a Difference in One’s Family Life”: Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Ethiopia
May 2008 HTML PDF French

Working from the Inside: Mainstreaming HIV into Government Planning in Kenya
April 2008 HTML PDF French

Moving from Planning to Strategic Action: Strengthening Swaziland’s Grant from the Global Fund
March 2008 HTML PDF French

Looking to the Future: Improving Family Planning Access and Quality in Rwanda
February 2008 HTML PDF French

Linking Up: Creating a Complete Picture of Swaziland’s Health Workforce
January 2008 HTML PDF French

A Key Piece of the Puzzle: Faith-Based Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa
December 2007 HTML PDF French

The Whole Picture: Strengthening Health Workforce Policies and Planning in Rwanda
November 2007 HTML PDF French

Sharing Knowledge on Human Resources for Health: The HRH Global Resource Center
October 2007 HTML PDF French

Teaming Up in Tanzania: Supporting the National Response to HIV
September 2007 HTML PDF French

Developing the Health Workforce: Training Future Nurses and Midwives in Rwanda
August 2007 HTML PDF French

The Productivity Challenge: Developing Approaches to Improve Health Care Worker Efficiency
July 2007 HTML PDF French

Taking Action on Human Resources for Health: Virtual Leadership Development Program for HR Managers
June 2007 HTML PDF French

Making an Impact: Transforming Service at a Remote Hospital in Kenya
May 2007 HTML PDF French

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: The Capacity Project at the Halfway Point
April 2007 HTML PDF French

Performance-Based Learning: Applying a New Approach at a Nursing School in Mali
March 2007 HTML PDF French

Building HR Information Systems: Leading the Way Together in Uganda
February 2007 HTML PDF French

Improving Health Care in Zanzibar: Strengthening the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital
January 2007 HTML PDF French

Ready to Rebuild: Sudanese Doctors Return Home
December 2006 HTML PDF French

Kenya’s Health Care Crisis: Mobilizing the Workforce in a New Way
November 2006 HTML PDF French

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